Monday, August 04, 2008

Scent of success!

Following on in the latest trend of celebrity-inspired fragrances, Presidential candidate and trance music lover, has said she will be bringing out her own signature fragrance later on in the year. "Yes, I am working on something special. It will be inspired by New York. I may call it Steamy Subways or Eau De Subway. It'll be inspired by the many scents of the New York subway. There'll be one for summer and winter. Summers fragrance will be lighter - more stagnant water and stale garbage. Winter will be sweaty overcoats and coffee breath. It will really give the wearer a scents/sense(!) of traveling on a typical NYC subway train - mainly shall we say the 7?".

MTA had no comment but one unnamed MTA employee said "She crazy like a mofo".

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