Monday, April 18, 2005

Walsh to sit in on Conclave.
Reports are coming in that the Vatican has asked earnest animal lover and 2008 presidential candidate to sit in on the papal election. Walsh confirmed, "It's true. They asked last week. At first I was reluctant thinking how much fun can it be to be locked up with a bunch of old fogies for days on end - they probably don't have Pay Per View or Michelob Ultra - I'll go pure mad! But then I thought it would provide me with a unique insight into the inner wheelings and dealings of the Roman Curia - something I've always found fascinating. On top of which, it'll get me off work for a few days! What's my boss going to say? He can't deny the Vatican - it would be sacrilege". Walsh went on to say that although she herself is not firmly entrenched in Catholicism, she finds the whole papal enclave intriguing. "I'm not beatin' a path to Mass every morning but I do so much love church incense and brightly colored robes. And all that singing! I better bring my guitar!! (I used to be in the church folk choir way back when!). Solicited for more information about her pending sabbatical at the Vatican, Walsh would only say that she plans to catch up on lots of reading. "I'll probably do a bit of stand up for them as well. After a long day at the table discussing the pros and cons of the next Pope, I'm sure the lads would relish some light entertainment. One thing for sure though, I won't be bringing up the theory that John Paul 1 was murdered - that would be wrong and inappropriate dont you think?"

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