Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Secret - just a pyramid scheme?

Fiona Walsh, presidential candidate and truth uncoverer says she's 'discovered' the secret to THE SECRET. "I have indeedy. Yes I know what its all about and its a load of twat. I was a believer myself up until about 2 hours ago and then I came across this site...www.theofficialsecretseminar.com and now I believe its just a class of an Amway scheme. Sure any eejit can make money doing this kind of referral business, that's not a secret at all! And sure maybe you will make money but you won't have a friend left in the world and that my friends is more important than any ould secret. All the "teachers" are making money for sure, but in the meantime, you're sitting in your lonely cubicle wondering if there is anyone of your friends you could possibly make a buck off of and who won't delete your emails right away. I'm telling you, as an Irish person I smelled a funk of this one a mile off and I'm naturally thrilled to have been proven right - at least in my own mind. As the new president I vow to abolish the secret and instead promote free healthcare for everyone. Now isn't that more in the line of improving peoples lives? Shove that up yer positive, wealth affirming behinds!"

"The Secret" people could not be reached for comment.

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