Thursday, October 28, 2004

Walsh Hysterical at Election Day Looms!
Fiona Walsh who for the last 2 years has maintained this blog based on the assumption that she was running for governor and then president is hysterical in the light of the fact that Election Day is just days away. "What'll I do now?", said she, her face swollen and sodden from crying. "I'll have no reason to exist if I'm not running for anything! Who'll want a blog from just a regular human being - not one who can change the world or cause wars or say foolish things? That falls to the President of the U.S to do and let's face it I'm not in the running anymore." Walsh who up til recently was highly optimistic about her presidential candidacy has slumped into a low sinkhole when polls showed her no longer a contender in the race has now resorted to drinking and eating chips from greasy bag. "I could've been a contender, it was looking good for a while but now that feck Kerry has it stitched up - what place is there for me in the world now, never mind the blog world - I'm beyond despair". However we later spotted the newly-Ashlee Simpson shaded brunette, cracking herself up over some lame joke at a bar in the village and knocking back pints of Michelob light. When approached for comments Walsh shouted from the bar - "I just love pigeons - don't you? They are so feisty! I know life will go on- I'll find some other useless election to submit myself for, hey 4 years is just around the corner - Nader - watch out! Walsh is back in fightin' Irish form!!"

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