Thursday, January 22, 2004

Garfunkel and Walsh share a spliff!
Art Garfunkel who was stopped for speeding and found to be in possession of a small amount of marijuana had another shocker in store. Little did he know that presidential and ex-gubernatorial candidate, Fiona Walsh was also in the back of the car. She and Garfunkel had been secretly toking in the back seat of his Toyota Corolla off the interstate. "It's all a big mistake", said the red-faced Walsh. "Art and I have enjoyed the occasional smoke for years now but we've managed to keep it on the down load. Art thought I had gotten out the car before we left the interstate. The fact is I had taken a little nap, when I saw the police were pulling us over, I hid behind a guitar case. Poor old Art took the fall". Garfunkel claims no knowledge of Ms. Walsh or the alleged smoking incident or any friendship or relationship of any kind between him and the frosted fleshpot. Walsh says "Naturally he would deny it, I don't blame him. Caught with a rollup is bad enough but with a woman half his age, I'd be keeping it quiet if I were him - but I know we'll joke and laugh about it in a few years time" quipped Walsh.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Pacino tipped for Cooper biopic!
After her startling announcement that Nicholas Cage should play Willy Wonka in a remake of the famed Roald Dahl tale, Walsh reckons Al Pacino would be a hot contender to play Alice Cooper in a biopic of the wild rocker's life. "I hope Hollywood producer types are reading my blog because I'm giving a lot of good tips here - for free! By my uncanny ability to see different people who look alike, I can predict with a small degree of accuracy who might play people in the movies. Not everyone has that special gift", said the fresh-faced colleen. Pricked for further details on how she arrived at this startling conclusion, Walsh would only allude to magazines and pictures and a small shrine to Al Pacino in her one bedroom apartment. "When you look at someone's face as much as I do Al Pacino, you begin to notice things and pay attention to other people who look like him". Cooper, whose real name is coincidentally Albert Cooper, said he'd be thrilled for Al Pacino to play him. "He's a good guy, I like him a lot.. whoo haa!". We were thrilled we could actually get a celebrity to return our calls.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

I've been googlewhacked!
In a search to find something unique about her blog, ex-gubernatorial candidate and hopeful presidential wannabe says her web blog is a "googlewhack". "It's true!", said the retainer-wearing children's TV employee. "If you type in 'ex-gubernatorial and perspex' - I'm the only site that comes up! It's great fun. I spent all afternoon trying to find the right combination and I was lucky enough to hit upon the correct two words" said the distraught employee. "If you scroll back through the archives, you'll find I referred to David Blaine encased in a perspex box. Hence the googlewhack". Googlewhacking occurs when a search for two words generates only one possible result out of the millions of possible hits on the Google search engine. Hilarious comic, Dave Gorman has written a one person show about the phenomenon. He is also a googlewhack and has been driven to almost insanity by his incessant search of possible googlewhacks. Apart from their shared love of alcohol, Gorman and Walsh have nothing in common.

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