Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Walsh ponders "Sephora"
Fiona Walsh, ousted presidential candidate, was seen pondering outside a Sephora shop in Times Square last Saturday. We cautiously approached and asked what great question she was considering. "Is it Sefora or sep - hora - without the "ph" sound? I'm not sure. I've heard it pronounced both ways but I err towards the "f" sound. I was in public last week and was so unsure of what to say that I mumbled the shops name. I'd hate to be caught in public making such a fooh pah. I mean if you want to be littery about it - I suppose you should refer to the Bible and ask Moses for the answer or Abraham or one of them guys who was around in them days. Anyway, Christ I'm late for a hair appointment - gotta run". And off she headed. Sephora (no F) could not be reached for a definitive answer.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Walsh Regrouping following Election Defeat.
After her disastrous showing in the 2004 Presidential election (polls indicated not one person in the whole of the United States voted for Walsh), the perky p/a is said to be regrouping and on the lookout for a new election to submit herself for. "I've been dealt a harsh blow - it's true but I'll bounce back - mark my words. I'm not called Fiona "fightin' Irish" Walsh for nuthin'!"
Needled for further details on what election she'd be running for Walsh declared. "Well I'd really like a gubernatorial race - as well you know, I love the word 'gubernatorial' and could make plenty use of it in future blogs. I'm dallying with the NY gubernatorial race. There's also the 2008 Presidential race, the Race for the Cure, the question of race, the Kentucky Derby, many races to choose from. However if I'm really serious, I'll apply myself to getting elected to my co-op board. Once in place I could silence with a lethal legal notice, the noisy bitch who's moved in next door and plays her music loud at 1am in the morning. Oh yes. I'd like to sink my teeth into that piece of electoral steak". Walsh would not reveal her co-op address. "The wagon might come looking for me and beat me up".

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