Saturday, June 24, 2006

Kiedis could play Iggy!
In another one of her 'startling similarities' posts, gubernatorial candidate and sexual asylum seeker Fiona Walsh, claims to have had another lookalike idea. "Look at this! Is Iggy not the spitting image of Anthony K from Red Hot Chilli Peppers? I was watching Iggy on TV (I'm not a fan but I admire his low body fat percentage - the man is cut!) and I thought do you know who could play him if the made a movie of his life? Yer man from the Chilli Peppers and begob I'm right!" Pop and Kiedis would not comment on Walsh's triumphant prediction.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Walsh will adopt based on what race best fits her soft furnishings.
Following the recent admission that Angelina Jolie will adopt another child depending on which race will best fit with her kids, Walsh has declared that should she herself consider adopting, any potential child will have to co-ordinate with her home furnishings. "It's true. I couldn't have a child that would look out of place with my Kmart cushions or IKEA coffee table. And what if the little rascal ran into the bedroom and found themselves clashing with the bedspread? Not only would it be detrimental to the child but I'd suffer a "Queer Eye" moment while I scrambled to find a matching quilt. It would be dreadful.". Solicited for further ramblings on potential adoptees, Walsh would only declare, "Well as my husband is dark-skinned (a tanned kind of arrangement), I feel that a child of mixed race would work well with my lilac paintwork and cream colored carpet. I don't think an Icelandic baby would be suitable though. Their icy complexions would be in direct counterpoint to the warm colors of my living room walls".

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