Monday, April 25, 2005

Walsh meets up with Saudi Prince too!
En route to his meeting with President Bush, Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia took some time out of his busy schedule to meet up with presidential candidate and irritated office worked, Fiona Walsh. "I was on my way to the shower when the doorbell rang. I wasn't going to answer because I thought it was the FEDEX guy and he's a bit creepy but I said I'd answer just in case because I knew Abdu was in town (that's what his pals call him!) and sure enough I got a friendly "Salem" when I buzzed him in! Walsh went on to say "I had to run for my chador (I had stuffed it behind my bed after his last visit) and of course ritually cleanse myself because Abdu won't shake hands with a woman who is not his wife or concubine! I tease him about it all the time "What am I, a worthless whore!!?" - he laughs, we both do!" Invited to share some more details Walsh droned on. "We shared some mint tea and a plate of delicious sweet meats (that's candy to you and I!) that Abdu had brought from Saudi. I berated him for his recent beheadings and public floggings and then we had a good laugh about the Michael Jackson case. I asked him what he planned to discuss with Bush and he rolled his eyes! Suffice to say there was alot of jibes about bareback riding and cowboy hats! He's a hoot that Abdu. And generous. On his way out he siphoned off 3 gallons of oil from his limo for my little Honda. Always with the willing hand." A fatwa has been issued on the head of Ms. Walsh for her defamatory remarks - by the Bush camp.

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