Monday, April 21, 2008

God Bless America!

So said Pope Benedict upon his departure from NYC yesterday. However what the media failed to report was that he actually said was "God Bless America...'s new presidential hopeful Fiona Walsh". "Yes its true", said the tiddly timewaster. "He totally gave me a shout-out. I can't believe it. What an endorsement! All my years of Rosaries were not in vain after all. I knew the Pope/aka St Peter would deliver. He's totally got my back! I feel very fortunate that I was named above Barack and Hilary to get the Catholic vote. It'll give me a big boost at the polls in November! Woo hoo. I'm on the pigs back now". No-one was able to get confirmation of what being 'on the pigsback' meant.

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