Friday, October 07, 2005

Walsh will be "Silent Godparent".
Fiona Walsh, future president (of her co-op board) and possible president of the United States said she was "elated" with the recent news of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes pregnancy. "I'm ecstatic" said the busty blonde. "Of course being that Katie and myself were raised Catholic, I would have liked her to have waited until she had a wedding ring on her finger but I also know that Tom and herself were going at it like rabbits, the villains! And so 'twas only a matter of time before she'd have a bun in the oven". Interrogated regarding her claim of potential godparenthood, Walsh tittered "Oh I was over the moon when Tom asked me. Sure I'm always going on to him about the Scientology thing, I do say 'will ya ever get out of that racket!' but no! He won't hear of it. So I have to be a "silent godparent" in keeping with His Almighty Ruler of the Third Supreme Galaxy, Zenu or is that El Ron? I can't remember! Anyway, he says I have to keep me thrap shut for the first 7 days after the baby is born! I'll be pushed to the pin of me collar to do that especially if the baby cries alot for I like nothing better than making baby cooing sounds at small infants but for Tom and Katie, I'll endure the silence. I've already started knitting some baby booties!! Ah the pet!"

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