Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Walsh suggests names!
Fiona Walsh, presidential candidate and master of tomfoolery, has come up with some suggestions for Brangelina's new baby. "I'm thrilled knickerless to suggest some delightful and fanciful names for the little sprog. Geri Halliwell just named her child Bluebell Madonna. So flowers are always a good way to go. But why be so bland? Lily, Rose, Bluebell, all very tepid. I say go for a flower that's not so common. What about Peony Rose or Carnation? Foxglove or Pansy? (although not a good one if its a boy). Let's not stay in the flower world, let's take a trip into the world of house plants - what about Geranium, Fuschia, Poinsettia (very Christmassy isn't it?). Want to get more exotic - Lady's Finger. or for a real kicker, Deadly Nightshade? Want to be scarred for life... Poison Ivy, Venus Fly Trap. And why stay in the realm of the garden - let's go into the orchard where fruits and veggies grow. I love Tomatoe for a girl or Tomato for a boy (note I drop the "e" for the boy, a nice French touch). Turnip - a fun name for a lardy child. Leek sounds pretty I think although spelling is key here - what about a fun spelling - Lyk or Leeke. Leek Jolie Pitt - has a nice ring? If you really want to give your child an unforgettable name, I say stick with the legumes, Peas, beans and lentils. Fava, Pinto, Lima - are all winners".
The Jolie Pitts are said to be considering Ms.Walsh's many suggestions.

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