Thursday, September 16, 2004

Walsh set to wipe smile off "W's face!
All fired up from her recent campaign trail (around Hell's Kitchen) presidential candidate and tiddly timewaster Fiona Walsh is said to be gearing up for debates. "I'll wipe the smarmy smile of Georgies' face - make no mistake", said she on a recent 'working lunch' in a local tavern. "He's no match for me when it comes to debatin'. I won a debating competition when I was in the Sacred Heart. A tough topic too. Are school days the best days of your life - respond! And I did - I made great points about how gym skirts and crushes on your teachers make school days a breeze. Later on of course I relented and realize now that I was miserable in school and couldn't wait to leave. But that's beside the point - I had a great win and was the talk of the corridors for 3 days. Mr. Bush better be prepared for some hard questions and tough retorts 'cos I'll dole 'em out in no small measure". When pressed for a time and location for this debate Ms. Walsh quipped " It'll be a time and date of my choosing. George is currently reviewing my calendar and seeing when his dates and mine correspond. Then it will be announced on CNN so watch this space (or that show or CNN.com or just google it). Mr. Bush's office could not be reached for comment.

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