Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Walsh proposes another kind of "dog fight"

Fiona Walsh, presidential candidate and lover of all furry creatures has said she'd pay "good money" to get into the ring with Michael Vick and Clinton Portis with a pair of spiked heels and a whip. "Those f**kers - they think it's cool to pit two animals against each other and fight them til their ears are torn off, their faces bloody and they have to be put asleep? They think that's cool? Begob I'd like to get at them with a big whip with spikes on it and give them both a good pounding. Maybe even set Tyson on them and have him take a bite out of their ears - that'd be the right sauce for them". Walsh who owns a dog herself said if she were elected she'd make dog fighting punishable by jail time and high fines, 'and then I'd make them listen to the howls of animals dying so that they'd be tormented for the rest of their lives by the cruel acts they claim to support".

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