Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'll work with ya Mel!
So says presidential, residential and gubernatorial candidate Fiona Walsh. In her spare time, Walsh has been known to dabble in the televisual arts and said if Mel Gibson called her to offer her a job, she'd jump at the chance. "I would, I'd leap at it, I'd be delighted. I know people are mad with him for his recent remarks but sure any dacent Irish person knows it 'twas the dhrink talking" said the newly frosted and pleasantly plump Walsh. "Mel and I would have so much in common. Well we'd have Catholicism for a start. While I don't hold with his Latin mass or pre-Vatican council ideas, we'd be able to share thoughts on transubstantiation and how as a kid we struggled not to bite down on the communion wafer or "Body of Christ" as its said to be. We also both love a jar, so that would be not so good really only if he was off the wagon. Then we'd have mighty times. Anyway, when all is said and done, I'd never kick a Catholic when he's down so if he did offer me a job (magicalirishgirl@yahoo.com - Mel in case you're reading) I'd do it and risk having Ari Emanuel never speaking to me."

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