Friday, February 16, 2007

"The Secret" Works!
So says Fiona Walsh, tedious temp and presidential frontrunner. "I watched "Oprah" last week and listened to "The Secret" about the power of the laws of attraction. Immediately after watching the show my life changed for the better. I went home broke having spent my paycheck on nachos and appletinis, dejected, rejected and bitter and lo and behold I had rummage in an old jeans pockets and found $20!! Enough to buy me one more appletini and take out burrito! I couldn't believe it and really feel blessed by the laws of the universe that affirm I am a worthwhile money making machine". When it was suggested that Walsh claimed the life changing events simply to get on The Oprah show, she quickly pooh poohed it. "Oh that's rubbish! Sure look at me, I'm still stuck in the snowy mess of NYC. Now if I'd emailed Oprah and told her about my luck.... hang on, I'll be right back I have to run an errand". And off she went.

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