Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Walsh to hit the campaign trail...
Against spam emails! The pint-sized (not really) testy presidential candidate has long been an (occasionally) outspoken spokesperson against spam and junk email. "I've hated it - ever since the whole internet thing began. I've always said that if I were President, I would shut'em down, these spammers. I get at least 6 dozen emails a day asking me if I'm happy with my penis size. Bad enough that I don't have a penis but they've the cheek to get my name wrong, spelling my name Filoma instead of Fiona, absolutely appalling and unforgiveable". Cavity-searched for her proposed solutions to spammers, Walsh added, "I'd like to invent some sort of automated response that would return the spam email to the spammer but with a sulphur-scented fart attached. Wouldn't that be genius? Think of them getting millions of farty emails a day? That would put a halt to their gallop I tell ya". Bill Gates did not immediately return calls.

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