Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Walsh is a "nervous wreck".
So says Lionel Richie, father of superthin person of enormous fiscal worth, Nicole Richie. He was commenting over the weekend about the pressures of being the father of a famous thin person. "Nicole is just feeling the pressure of her new business - she'll be fine. Dad is on the case". He added that he thought Fiona Walsh, presidential candidate, was also a nervous wreck. "She's not thin by any means" said Richie, "but she's a very highly strung person. She's feeling the pressure of getting geared up for her election bid in 2008 and on top of the fact that she has no work and no prospects of any kind of work, well let's just say she's teetering on the brink". Pinned to the spot for answers on how Walsh should deal with the "presshah", he simply added. "Well back in the day, I did a lot of drugs and had sex a lot too but I'm not sure that's the solution for Walsh. I've heard she's fond of the jar (as they say in the ould sod) so perhaps a couple of Paddy whiskeys a day or some champagne might help take the edge off". Walsh said she wholeheartedly accepted the afro'd crooner's advice. "He's a great man, I'm very fond of him - "Hello - is it me you're looking for? - ha ha!".

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