Monday, November 05, 2007

Katie grabs some water from Walsh

Fiona Walsh, part time blogger and presidential candidate said she shared some water with Katie Holmes yesterday as she ran the NYC marathon.
"Katie was running - she looked bet to be honest and it was clear as daylight she was not benefitting from a comfy sports bra. I was sitting having a cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese at a NYC diner on the route. I stood up with bottle of water in hand. I was reaching into my pocket for a suitably sufficient yet generous tip for the waiter when Katie swang by. Lo and behold before I knew it, she had the bottle gone out of my hand and was slugging away! I was mortified and a little impressed by her dexterity and hand to eye co ordination".

Ms. Holmes who had no comment about her sports wear said she thought Walsh was holding out the water for her to drink. "I'd never let it be said that I deprived a woman of a drop of water. Sure what harm is in it. Although I hope she doesn't pick up my germs; I've a wicked sore throat today".

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