Monday, April 04, 2005

Walsh 'relieved' at lack of invites.
Fiona Walsh, 2008 presidential wannabe and snoozing staffer is said to 'relieved' after news that she would not be attending the two most important events of the week; the Pope's funeral and the Royal Wedding. "I can't tell you how relieved I am not to be invited. What a headache it would have been to fly to Rome and try to get accomodation (I'm sure my friend, the Count is not at his winter residence so that would've been awkward) then hop on a plane and fly back for Charles and Camilla's nuptials, it would've been hellish!". Commenting on Ms. Walsh's notable change of accent to that of upper middle class Brit, Walsh declared, "What a load of tosh! I've always spoken with the round 'r's' of the British upper class. To state otherwise is ballderdash and codswollop!". When probed on her choice of wedding gift for the new Royal couple, Walsh said "I've not a had a smidge of time, just tizzing about and what not, so I'll just have to grab a frilly little thing from "Lilly's Lingerie of Leebolt" (Cammies absolute fave!) and a nice, stiff riding crop for Charlie!" With sudden dip of accent again she added "I'll get a Mass card for the Pope of course with a large donation to "P.A.M Fund" (Priests Against Molestation). Neither the Vatican or Clarence House could be reached for comment.

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